Innovate and grow with the R&D Tax Credit.

The Research & Experimentation Tax Credit is designed to reward U.S. companies continuing to innovate within their industry.  Congress developed the credit to keep top talent and innovation thriving on U.S. soil. In addition to the federal credit, most states now offer similar incentives for R&D.

For your company, the R&E (or R&D) credit provides a competitive advantage and encourages growth.  This dollar-for-dollar credit can be used to reinvest into new research and product development, hire top talent, or even funnel back into marketing to increase sales.

While many leading companies claim the R&D credit at some level through their accounting firm or tax service provider, that claim is often incomplete and/or at high risk of failing under audit. A Hull & Knarr study, grounded firmly in the engineering process, maximizes your credit potential while limiting audit risk.

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