Expert R&D Credits Done Differently

Expert R&D Credits Done Differently

Mitigate Risk · Maximize Amounts · Minimize Disruptions

Did you know that the IRS uses degreed engineers to audit the Research Tax Credit?

We believe that your company should have the same advantage. Since we began in 2001, our chief investigators have always been experienced, degreed engineers. This unique approach has allowed us to achieve an industry-leading audit record for our clients while often reducing the associated costs compared to their local, regional, national, and Big4 accounting firms.

Over 98% of dollars claimed have been sustained through 100s of Federal and State audits.

To maximize the Research Tax Credit, your company needs to have a study performed that is grounded in science and the surrounding case law. The qualification of expenditures should be focused on all your efforts in technological advancement, not simply the dollar amounts you internally track as R&D expenses. Our approach is thoroughness, not aggressiveness.

Our highly trained engineers have interacted with tens of thousands of technological experts across multiple disciplines; and already know how to efficiently communicate with your engineering groups. Thus, allowing them to:

  • quickly understand the projects that your company is working on,
  • precisely define the footprint of qualified research for each activity,
  • easily uncover documentation required to substantiate claims,
  • and continually improve their efficiency year-after-year.
On average, Hull & Knarr’s engineers can identify 30-50% more QREs than companies using the accounting approach.

Our engineers understand the culture of innovation and already speak in your SMEs native tongue to minimize costly disruptions.

Accountants are not coached in answering engineering questions. Therefore, CPA groups typically only focus on the simple, low hanging fruit of research and development.  A team of pure accountants lacks the ability to maximize these credits in a manner that will withstand the scrutiny of an IRS or State review(s).  As a result, innovative companies either miss out on precious funds that give them an advantage or run the risk of losing their credits under audit.

We partner with CPA firms and their clients across the country and will work seamlessly with your accountant to ensure your Federal and State R&D tax credits are maximized, well-documented, and timely filed.

Would you prefer your technical teams interacting with a rotating group of inexperienced staff accountants?

Or the familiar faces of the same degreed engineers year-after-year?

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