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MSI Defense Solutions was founded with one goal in mind – to transfer our 300 plus years of contemporary motorsports experience to military vehicles and systems in the form of components, technology, and processes.  Our employees have enjoyed success at the highest levels of racing and vehicle design, testing, and development.   Along the way, they’ve accumulated years of experience in off-road racing, motorcycle and motocross racing, NASCAR, Formula 1, and premium road car development. It’s this experience that allows MSI to design the right part, the first time, for the missions and years ahead.

Our businesses have evolved rapidly. The continuity Hull & Knarr provides has enabled us to benefit from the R&E credit in a painless manner. We work with the same Hull & Knarr engineers year-after-year allowing them to complete the study efficiently, in large part thanks to the relationships they have developed with our engineers.

Tiffany Pace, Controller MSI Defense and JRi Shocks

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