R&D Tax Credit Services

R&D Tax Credit Services

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Investing in technological innovation is at the heart of growing businesses and the focus of the Research Tax Credit. For companies to qualify, they must typically be unique at some level from their competitors and peers. However, because companies’ approaches and needs may differ, circumstances may require alternative approaches to claiming the credit.

In order to be complete in our analysis, our engineers perform retroactive engagements, current-year evaluations, and “a la carte” services including audit defense and contract review.  Whatever your company’s specific needs, Hull & Knarr will take ownership of defending your credit claims should they fall under review by the IRS or state authority.  We take on the burden of audit so you can save valuable time and remain focused on your day-to-day responsibilities.

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Retroactive Studies

Qualifying companies can typically look back three open tax years to claim credits generated during that time period, often resulting in refund checks that generate immediate cash flow.  Retroactive studies allow the taxpayer to capture previously generated credits and establish a baseline on activities and methodologies for years going forward. Any unused credits can be carried forward up to 20 years for those who have been in an NOL (net operating loss).

Current Year Studies

Current year studies are the natural step for companies who have already solidified their research credit baseline. For startups and companies who do not have contemporaneous documentation from research in previous years, a current year study can be the foundation to build an audit-ready case to claim the credit now and for years to come.

Risk Advisory Services

Occasionally companies find themselves in a position where they must substantiate their claims at the Federal or State level. If their claims are not supported by engineering-based studies, they can be in a vulnerable position. To support these companies, we offer audit defense and contract review a la carte. Our professionals have extensive experience representing clients before the IRS and state regulatory agencies and maintain an audit record that is unequaled in our industry.

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