R&D Tax Credit Process

R&D Tax Credit Process

Step One: Consultation

The first step is to introduce our team and explain the steps to maximize a credit claim.  Often, our clients have many questions and misconceptions about the credit that need to be discussed.  Whether you have previously claimed the credit or not, we will begin to uncover the essential areas often missed during traditional approaches.

Time Involvement: 2 hours

Step Two: Discovery

Once you have an understanding of the process, our engineers will sit down with a few of your key team members to better understand your technology and development process. These interviews help define what will be included as qualified research.

This phase sets Hull and Knarr apart from our competitors. By using engineers, instead of accountants, we are able to better understand your research methodology and technology, define the maximum footprint of your qualified research, and more effectively defend our findings under audit.

Time Involvement: 2 hours per 10 engineers

Step Three: Case Development

Now that we have collected the necessary data, our team will start to build the case for your company. While there may be follow up discussions necessary to clarify specific areas, we typically require little time or attention from your team at this point.

Time Involvement: Up to 2 hours for unforeseen questions

Step Four: Delivery & Explanation

When the case is solidified, we deliver the results of our work and our methodology. At this point, you will know exactly what your maximum financial benefit will be. We work with your accountant to begin the process of claiming your credit(s).

Time Involvement: 1 hour

Continued Involvement

For our clients, the amount of time invested in aiding our team decreases year over year.  Because we have gained a strong understanding of your core business, we will help you implement efficiencies that will require less staff time and meetings in subsequent years.  For a medium-sized company, the initial study may require 10-15 hours of total client engineer/scientist interaction.  Going forward, the time investment is typically less than half of the initial time investment.

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