IRS Adds Requirements for Taxpayers Seeking Refund R&D Credit Claims

The IRS announced on Oct. 15 that beginning in January 2022, specific minimum requirements will be in place for taxpayers seeking a research tax credit claim for refund. The Chief Counsel Memorandum that was released is designed to manage research credit issues [...]

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How R&D Credit Specialists Can Be a Safety Net for Accounting Firms

Accounting firms serve as a trusted advisor to their clients. When clients come to them looking for answers on items they aren’t familiar with, such as the R&D Credit, the goal is to get them the right answer. Because accounting [...]

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What Your Government Contract Tells You About the R&D Tax Credit

Government contractors have often asked the question, “can my R&D activities within my government contracts be included in my R&D Credit?” The common answer they hear is “no,” and this information can cost companies significant dollars to their bottom line [...]

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Do Contingency Fees Leave Your R&D Credits at Risk?

TWO ITEMS TO CONSIDER WHEN BUYING R&D TAX CREDITS The R&D Credit is one of the most impactful benefits for companies that are improving products, processes, and software in the U.S., and it still remains one of the most [...]

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In Memoriam, A Tribute to Hull & Knarr Founder, David M. Hull (1960 – 2020)

July 11, 2020 marked the passing of a very special member of the Hull & Knarr family, David M. Hull, Founder. He dedicated his life in service to others and his memory will be cherished: In Memoriam, A Tribute to [...]

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Two Reasons to Explore the R&D Credit in Our Current Environment

Companies have experienced a roller coaster of a year this year and we’re not even at the halfway point. For some, business may have been booming only to grind to a halt once stay-at-home orders were initiated, and social distancing [...]

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